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Binatone Action 950 Mods:

1.  Removing Aerial & Fitting BNC

Taking it apart:

Remove the 2 tiny Philips screws hidden under 2 rubber grommets (shown by red arrows)

Remove the last 2 screws hidden in battery compartment

Then gently remove case and unsolder the aerial which is held onto the pcb.




Now carefully re-solder a small wire from this point to the centre of the BNC socket. The earth from the BNC socket should be soldered with a small wire to the negative of the battery compartment or other suitable earth.

                                                            Here's is the final result    



2.  BINATONE 950   1.7watt POWER MOD 


It seems the binatone action 950 comes under an italian branding with hi/lo power switch. It's under the batterys behind a sticker, much like other handsets. If you look under the batterys you can see a small cutout panel thats still intact. Opening the box shows us a switch is pictured on the board but not fitted. Please excuse some excess drawing as it's a picture from development

You need to fit a smt switch, or short the connections as such

This apparently give's 1.7w of output power on the italian radio. I'm seeing double the field strength round the antenna and having put a modded and non modded unit side by side on vox, the modded one can transmit for some time, and offers more range. Perhaps just 15% around town, but it's something, and should provide better returns from an aerial mod.


The info on this Page  was taken from info and pictures from other websites to aid helping others