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FreeRadioNetwork.Net * IRELAND - UK FRN SERVER * * 27mhz & pmr 446mhz Radio Gateways * * No Licence Needed * Open To All *

Helping others Setup 446mhz & 27Mhz Gateways using FRN
Free Radio network , No licence Needed , Open To ALL ,Linking pc and radio gateways on 446mhz over the internet,<!-- Fr0cHeIKnbu7CtMvB_uTtb4Iw6o -->

  Welcome to Linking Radio Over Internet Using FRN  .

Helping others Setup 446mhz & 27Mhz Gateways using FRN 
Free Radio network ,  No licence Needed , Open To ALL

        Happy 2014 To All Our Visitors


FRN SERVER : ireland-ukserver.no-ip.org Port: 10025 I

IRELAND & UK  24Hour FreeRadioNetwork Server

Use of the server is Totaly Free so no charges or Donations Required 

    (please leave pause after each Over/Speaking for other stations to Talk back) 

TO Operate PTT Click and hold mouse on ptt button onscreen OR as default your (RIGHT Ctrl) button is also set to ptt so if u hold down to talk might be easyer.


Download FreeRadioNetwork

Click Here To Download FRN Client 

client Version 2012/002

Just Download & Register with a simple Handle/callsign You dont need to hold any Radio Licence to use FRN 

                                    FRN can be used by Pc User without any Radio Connected 

***FRN USER MANUAL******   <-------- Click To Learn How To Use FRN


GET HELP SETING UP    Contact Admin Via skype

   Skype ID: keelan.iphone    Click Here To Download Skype

(NOTE:please leave pause after over/speaking for other stations to Talk back)

Also You Can Contact Us Via E-mail     frnwebsitefrn@gmail.com

Site is Currently Under Construction 


    The Aim of this site is to compile as Much info

  and videos as possible to aid in helping others 

   Set up your own frn Gateway using pmr 446mhz Radios   


we will bring yous as much info and videos as possible to get  you on air


          Site is Currently Under Construction


We Hope to bring yous lots of info from:

Hints and Tips On Basic Radio Operation

Hints andTip to Seting up a gateway 

Simple cheap modifications to standard 446mhz radios

Adapting a 446mhz for use with external/mobile Antenna

446mhz Antenna building (simple and cheap) diopoles / Beams

Providing Programing Tips for more Profession UHF Radios

Com port keyer circuits

Simple Interface for Handheld Radios




A handheld’s mic and PTT are normally combined, hence circuit 3 was designed.
 Audio levels can only be adjusted by the computer’s level control.Stereo 2.5 mm plugs connect the line in and out on the computer soundcard. Use the tip and earth only as, in this application, the sleeve is not used.

  • 3 x 2.2k ¼ watt resistors .
  • 1 x 10k ¼ watt resistor .
  • 3 x 0.01uF capacitors.
  • 1 x Red LED.
  •   1 x Diode 1N4148  2 x 2.5mm Stereo plugs.
  • 1 x BC108 Transistor.
  • 1 x 9 Pin D plug ( Com port 1 or 2) & cover
  • Screened Cable.
  • Plastic Project Box



Our FRN server: ireland-ukserver.no-ip.org




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UK 2 World Website     http://uk2world.eukserver.info/

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 0001uk2world.no-ip.org  Port: 10024



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